It's not a bike,
it's a byAr

Comfort. Luxury. Quality

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Why lease a byAr?

ByAr offers the luxury of a full service lease for business users. Share your byAr carefree with all your colleagues without worrying about maintenance or transferring keys. You cycle, we do the rest!

Digital lock

Including digital lock and hull insurance


Carefree driving. Including delivery and repairs at the office


To be shared with all employees and no more searching for keys


The byAr and app are supplied in your company colors


The Volta byAr is traceable and has a blockable engine

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Promotion for your company

A byAr stands out because of its design. A byAr designed in your company colors is therefore a perfect promotional tool for your company

Curious as to what your byAr could look like?

Design my byAr

Share using an app on your phone.. Easy, fast and reliable.

Volta byAr

For the easy-rider. Pedal support makes your life easier.

  • Design frame
  • Extremely low entry
  • Cardan shaft
  • One size fits all
  • A smart electronic pedalling support
  • Smart engine, adjustable via mobile app
  • Ten support positions
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Action radius from 40 km to 160 km
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From € 100,- per month

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Did you know that…

…within a distance of 7,5km an e-bike is often much faster than a car. You can also park anywhere, anytime without extra costs!


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Frequently Asked Questions and answers

Can I also purchase a byAr?

That is certainly possible. On our private individual website you can place an order for your Volta byAr. You can also always call or send an email!

What happens if my byAr breaks down or is stolen?

If your byAr breaks down we will repair it free of charge. Send an e-mail to with photos and a description of the damage and we will repair your byAr within 48 hours. You can reach us during office hours on telephone number 033-2854931.


Has your byAr been stolen? No problem! Your byAr is insured, also against theft. You are therefore always entitled to a replacement. It is, however, important that the byAr is properly closed. If you put the chain from the lock around a pole, tree or fence before securing it, the byAr is very tough to steal.

What is the cancellation period for a business lease?

Do you want to cancel your contract early? The cancellation period is one full month. You must, however, take into account a surrender of the lease of 30% of the remaining contract term.


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